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There are a number of pharmaceutical companies that are in the production of the green Xanax bars. They all imprint a unique character on one side of the drug that makes them distinct from the other. A green Xanax pill is similar in effect with that of yellow Xanax bars and white Xanax bars. Each tablet of a green Xanax bars consists of 2mg of the drug. Normally, all the tablets of Xanax that comes in a bar shape (rectangle) are of 2mg strength. Hence, a green Xanax bar is similar in strength and effect as to that of the Yellow Xanax bar and White Xanax bar.

Green Xanax bars also come in oval shape tablets and is of 1mg strength. They are often called as green football Xanax. On the street, another name for a green Xanax pill is green monster Xanax or hulk Xanax. Another shape of a green Xanax tablet is a triangle. They are considered the strongest dose of Xanax as they of the strength 3mg. In other words, it is also said that green Xanax is the strongest dose of Xanax as compared to white Xanax. It is important to know that the green color of Xanax is approved by the FDA. Hence, it would be better if you take the drug after consulting with the doctor.     

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